New Klout Algorithm Quantifies Value of Human Life

Oh boy. If you thought Klout was provocative before, wait’ll you hear what they’ve come up with now. Already controversial for their Klout Scores, which purport to measure a user’s ability to drive social impact across the web, Klout has taken things to a whole new level:  placing a numeric value on each user’s individual […]

5 Reasons Tim Armstrong is Better Looking than You

Tim Armstrong is the CEO of AOL and former Head of North America for Google, where he joined in 2000. And he is gosh-darned handsome. Here’s why: 5 Reasons Tim Armstrong is Better Looking than You 1.    Hair Look at that beautiful shiny stuff on top of his head!  It’s so silky and clean – […]

5 Former Yahoo!’s Marissa Mayer Should Totally Re-hire

Marissa Mayer is making bold moves to re-invigorate the culture at Yahoo! – free meals and new iPhones for all employees to start. But culture begins and ends with people, and Yahoo! used to be known for its upbeat, people-centric culture. Thus it makes perfect sense that she would want to bring back some incredibly […]

Benchmark Bets $9mm on

Today Benchmark announced a $9mm investment in, the official website of the rock band whose music was a staple of radio and MTV throughout the 1990’s. BAC talked with Cohler in Benchmark’s Sand Hill offices while the plaintive sounds of August & Everything After played from his tasteful Bose desk speakers. BAC: Matt, thanks […]

5 Songs You Don’t Want Spotify Sharing with Your Facebook Friends

Music is a window into the soul. And with Spotify’s “frictionless sharing” onto Facebook, many users are sharing their music – and baring their souls – without their knowledge.   This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. It just is. And it’s not that you shouldn’t share your music with your friends. […]